.ECOTM Approved Third-Party List

Applicants applying for use of the .ECOTM Medallion will be required to verify compliance with criteria and standards established by the third parties.

  • Chlorine Free Products Association
  • ISO 14024
  • Federal Trade Commission’s Green Guides
  • Green Seal        
  • UL Environment
  • Green Good Housekeeping

This list will be continually updated.  Feel free to inquire or recommend a third-party you would like us to review and add to the list by clicking here.

Questions and Answers

  • Who are authorized users of their mark?

Authorized users of the mark are those that have met standards established by respected and approved third party firms, who wish to use the .ECOTM Medallion.

  • What services does the applicant provide to consumers?

Successful .ECOTM Medallion Applicants are those providing products or services that are intended to be ecologically preferable and / or possess attributes pertaining to eco-friendliness.

  • What are those that receive a .ECOTM Medallion required to do in order to receive the mark from applicant?

.ECOTM Medallion Recipients are required to meet the standards established by respected and approved third party firms.