A Little About .ECO®

1st to coin the term “.ECO”.

In 2005 .ECO® was Made in America, first ever coined by co-founder “Moses”.

Our Belief

.ECO® Made in America – good for country and planet, because you care!


Connect People, Business, Communities and Organizations that care about the sustainability of the planet.


To be the planet’s most valued .ECO® resource, providing transparency, verification and global connectivity to share information.

.ECO® Journey

Since 2005, our journey as a  US based small business focused on .ECO® has been quite unique. Having a huge passion in connecting like minded people that care about life and the planet, we put our money where our minds were and invested $185, 000 to expand our trademarked domain name servers to help create American Jobs and foster .ECO®nomic prosperity, globally..

In May of 2012, ICANN (International Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers) entered into contract with the US Government, in part, to perform unbiased evaluations of gTLD applicants seeking to become Registry Operators.  During a chance meeting, while William was working on his passion, an American Jobs Initiative web platform, he and Boone realized the potential of combining their efforts and established planet.ECO®.

Why .ECO® Made In America

.ECO® is an innovative U.S. based Small Business that cares about sharing and living in a healthy global environment, good for the country and the planet.

.ECO TLD Registry

.ECO® partners, advisers and team members wisely chose to pursue building the .ECO® to become the world’s only .ECO® Registry, serving as the .ECO® domain management authority, based upon award delegation. .ECO®. In 2014 .ECO® successfully completed a $185,000 extended and detailed Top Level Domain evaluation, demonstrating solid financial and technical capabilities, as well as premier marketing position.

The .ECO® gTLD is regarded as one of the “Top 10 Most Popular gTLDs” amongst nearly 2,000 applications for new gTLDs (Source: United Domains.com). Such interests in digital ecology represent a significant opportunity for .ECO®, as people, communities and organizations will undoubtedly leverage the .ECO® brand globally.

.ECO® Domain Registration Services

.ECO® offers a variety of domain services including, domain registration for many new .COM domain names.  .ECO® friendly domain are also available, which include:

.Green, .Earth, .Bio, .Solar,

* .Organic are to be announced.

.ECO® Trademark

Boone secured .ECO®, in April 2008.  The .ECO® trademark exclusively positions the company as the true brand, recognized globally. .ECO® now advances its highly unique brand through value oriented services (.ECO® Domain Services (http://www.ecodomainservices.com) to connect people, individuals and organizations that are good for the country and the planet.

.ECO® Brand

.ECO® continues to advance its brand by growing its already extensive strategic partner network, communities and individual engagement, with the introduction of impact-oriented services. .ECO® has developed a highly effective engagement model which successfully empowers .ECO® target audience with the information and force necessary to advance its care initiative.  .ECO® will further advance its brand by launching a series of robust products/services that are sure to yield a positive global impact.

.ECO®nide Give Back

 5 percent for the planet
 5 percent for the planet